Download Free PC Software to Extract Wpress File extension

by teczpert in on March 12, 2018

PC Windows/MAC Software to Extract Wpress File extension

PC Wpress Extractor Software ( Extract .wpress WordPress files )

For Windows

STEP 1 – Create a FOLDER (Example : Name folder as Extractor) in New Volume D and add the file that is required to be extracted in that FOLDER.
STEP 2 – Download the PC Software file from our website.Add that exe file also in the Folder “Extractor”
STEP 3 – Open Command Prompt. Run as administrator

Now it will be displayed as C:\WINDOWS\system32>

Add CD\ to it

Example : C:\WINDOWS\system32> CD\

Now it will be displayed as C:\>

Now you have to add D: to C:\> Line

Example : C:\> D:

Now it will be displayed as D:\>

Now add cd extractor to the line.

Example : D:\> cd extractor

Now it will be displayed as D:\extractor>

STEP 4 – Add the software name first and add then add the file to be extracted along with that


PC WPRESS Software Name is wpress-extractor.exe
File that is needed to be extracted is teczpert.wpress ( Change this name to your file name)

Now add the command like this

D:\extractor>wpress-extractor.exe teczpert.wpress

Now run the command. You can see all the extracted WPRESS extension files in New Volume D “Extractor” Folder

The above method can be used in Windows PC.

In MAC you have to make the binary executable by running a chmod +x wpress_extractor on the downloaded file via the Terminal.

Situations where .wpress extension files are used.

WP All in One Migration WordPress Plugin uses this file type for exporting WordPress Files and migrating to another website hosting/domain.
Sometime certain plugins does not allow to upload .wpress file due to file size. This PC Software will solve your issue.

Features of this software

A . Free for Lifetime
B . No Limit on File Size

Download PC Wpress Extractor Software from Teczpert now


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