How to create a website in just 5 minutes

by teczpert in WordPress on February 22, 2019

Creating a website by oneself is a very difficult task for a beginner. How about this.. We will help you to create a website in just 5 minutes with zero percent programming knowledge… To take assistance from a web development company you need to pay a minimum of 150 US Dollar per year for a basic website. So creating a website is costly if you are relying upon others.

There are various types of websites. Some of them includes  

  1. Personal Websites
  2. Pic Sharing Websites
  3. Authors Websites
  4. Community and N.G.O. related Websites
  5. News sharing Websites
  6. Blogging Websites
  7. Informational Websites
  8. Directory Listing Websites
  9. E-commerce Websites
  10. Online Educational websites

You can create any of the above category website in a limited time frame using WordPress.

What are the basic things that you need to create a quality website?

Hosting Plan + Website Name  + Website Security Certificate + Professional Email + Daily backup

All of the above features are available at 51 US Dollars at FastComet . Click on the below image to purchase StartSmart Plan. This plan has huge number of customers in countries like India, Australia, South Africa, U.K., U.S.A and Malaysia. The price is fixed internationally.




Click on this link [FASTCOMET] and select Get Started option in StartSmart Plan.


Enter a name you wish to provide for your website just after www. Please be careful while you enter the domain name. Domain name is provided for free on a onetime basis along with this plan. If you are making spelling mistake you have to pay the next time for another website domain name.

After selecting the domain name click on Use This Domain


1 . Select I’m a New Customer – Fill in the account details form ( Remember the master password you create ).

2 . Enter billing cycle for for atleast one year. If you select 3 year cycle you can save 20+ US Dollars

3 . You can uncheck all the addons. No need to select additional options like Search Engine Submission.  

4 . No edits required in configuration options

5 . Enter the billing information [ PayPal , Visa and MasterCard accepted ]

6 . Do not forget to add PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT CODE at the footer area.

7. Click on Create Account



You will be redirected to below page after successful payment .

Now click on the Small Icon cP 

Expanded Preview of the icon

Now you will be requested to provide a master password. So enter the password you added while filling account details during purchase.

#STEP 5 

Scroll downwards and in the software section click on Softaculous App Installer


Click on the image WordPress.  

Click on the Install Now menu bar

#STEP 7 

Click on Quick Install option

1 . No changes required in the software setup options.

2 . In the admin account section enter a username and password of your choice for your website. Enter your email ID also . Please ensure that you remember the credentials for future website login.

3 . No changes required in select plugin options.

4 . Select a Theme and click install ( Enter your email id below to receive installation details. )

Click on the admin icon as provided in the below image . You will be redirected to your website dashboard.

Now you can see the website you have created. 

This is the Sample Preview of your website. You can edit the website and add text and images with basic Microsoft Word knowledge.

Click here to start creating a website now

If you have any doubt we will help you in installing your website for free . You can contact via chat or you can write to us at








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